Behar: Americans 'Are Losing Our Rights on a Regular Basis’

On Thursday, "The View" co-host Joy Behar declared that Americans do not get that “we are losing our rights on a regular basis.”

She began, “I want to say something. I think there’s a larger issue at stake right now. I think Americans are in denial exactly about what this Republican Party is planning to do. They would like to overturn voting rights. They would like to overturn gay rights. They are in the process of overturning women’s rights.

Behar continued, “I think the Democrats, in a way, and I include myself as a Democrat, somebody who has been asleep at the switch in a certain way. When Obama had a majority, they should have done more on codifying. I don’t know the law, but maybe that’s —”

Co-host Sunny Hostin interrupted, “Codifying Roe.”

Behar replied, “Yeah, and they didn’t. They have been using abortion as a wedge issue, both sides probably, and it’s pathetic. But I really think that Americans are not aware because they’re worried about gas prices understandably, they’re worried about inflation understandably, but the larger issue is we are losing our rights on a regular basis. I don’t think that Americans get it. I really don’t.”