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Basement Biden Convinced “This” Will Happen If Trump is Re-elected

Last week, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made one of the most ridiculous claims that he’s ever made…and you know as well as I do that he’s made a lot.

Biden said that all of these natural disasters that we experience every year; the wildfires, the hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. would all be worsened by President Trump winning the election.

He says this as though all of these forces of nature are paying attention to the election of the United States. What a joke!

The remarks were made in a 25-minute speech at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, and his specific reference to the dangers the “suburbs” face is reminiscent of President Trump’s rhetoric, as noted by Fox News pundits.

For months, Trump has highlighted violence and unrest as a reaction against “police brutality” and “racial inequality.”

This “law-and-order” angle is designed to appeal to “white suburban voters” who voted for Trump in the last election but switched to the Democratic Party in the 2018 midterms, Fox News also remarked.

Biden also claimed the public was “not safe” in “Donald Trump’s America” and the California wildfires were the fault of Donald Trump. He then further slammed the president for not take responsibility for the fires.

However, this contradicts NASA’s findings that fires have reduced by 25% globally. Vox, a left-wing publication, remarked that California is controlled by the Democratic Party and has “forest mismanagement” issues due to building in “fire-prone areas.”

This however neglects to mention arrests of arsonists and the fact one of the fires was started by a pyrotechnic used at a gender reveal party.

Biden also remarked on Trump’s alleged “climate denial” and criticized Trump for claiming “integration” was ruining the suburbs rather than wildfires and other natural disasters like “superstorms” and flooding. He even went as far as to suggest America might be “underwater” if this isn’t addressed.

Biden also made the comment that President Trump doesn’t respect science like he does. If he’s believing in climate change, then he’s not believing science, he’s believing a hoax.

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Dictionary Publisher Changes Another Two Definitions to be “Politically Correct”

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WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany Says She Can Confirms Ballots for Trump Were ‘Cast Aside’ in Pennsylvania

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Gov. DeSantis Bill: No Liability for Drivers Who Run Over ‘Mob’ Blocking Road

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