Audience Tears Into Hillary After She Tries To Link Trump To Russia Once Again!

I genuinely enjoy seeing people hate on Hillary Clinton. She's done everything to deserve it.

A heckler was able to make his way into a speaking event with Hillary and Bill Clinton and managed to spoil her speech riddled with lies. He started by shouting "I’m a deplorable". The crowd immediately lost it.

The Clintons had been doing this whole tour but I think they're having an extremely hard time filling seats because the prices have dropped immensely. First they were way too high, now they're so low it's a cry for attention.

According to Daily Mail, prices for Bill and Hillary Clinton's 13-city tour have taken a plunge as the pair near the end of a string of dates for their speaking engagements.

The event billed as 'An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton' continued at the LA Forum in Inglewood, California Saturday night and tickets were listed for as little as $2.

Seats in the Lower Bowl 131 section were available on Vivid Seats while the same website was offering admission for the best section – center in front of the stage – for $92.

All the tour basically is is a chance for her to make herself feel good by trying to justify that she lost the election to Donald Trump. She gets her chance to tell the audience how it was Trump's fault, or Russia's fault, and never owning up to the fact that it was actually her fault.


“I’m a Deplorable! I’m a Deplorable!” the heckler yelled from the audience. “You’re going to jail, lady! “Alex Jones sends his regards!”

Clinton then stupidly responds to the heckler with “We have some people who’d rather shout than talk and listen.”

Then, as expected they spent the rest of the night attacking President Trump and accusing him of colluding with Russia.

I just don't get it. How can they maintain a lie for so long? They know it's false. It's been demonstrated to be false, yet they keep on telling the story.

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