Attorney Who Released All Rioters and Looters From Jail with NO CHARGES Is Financially Backed by This Individual

Riots are still going on around the country, but at least they've slowed down a little bit and they're not as violent as they were. But they're still violence going on, we're just not hearing as much about it anymore.

The mayors of the cities and local law enforcement are finally starting to take some action and arrest people, though this isn't true in every city.

For one, some celebrities have been posting bail for these criminals and as such are condoning the violence and looting.

But then you have St. Louis, Missouri and a Circuit Attorney who just released every looter and rioter who was arrested there.

Police confirmed that the 36 people arrested Sunday and Monday night for rioting and looting have all been released from custody.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt blames Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner. Gardner’s office said they still need essential evidence from police.

Schmitt tweeted about alleged looters and rioters being released from jail without charges being filed.

“In a stunning development, our office has learned that every single one of the St. Louis looters and rioters arrested were released back onto the streets by local prosecutor Kim Gardner,” read Schmitt’s tweet Wednesday morning.

During a press conference Tuesday, Gardner expressed anger over the events that happened Monday night including four police officers shot and the killing of a retired police captain.

“What happened last night was not about non violent protests. What happened last night was a small amount of individuals, who chose to benefit off pain and suffering of our community,” Gardner said.

When Gardner was running for Circuit Attorney, she said that she would go after gang activity and being smart and tough on crime. I don't know what episode of the Twilight Zone this is, but releasing criminals…violent criminals is not the way of cracking down on crime in the city.

People of St. Louis, Kim Gardner has lied to you and if I were you, I'd begin the process of recalling her.


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