AOC Says Americans Are RACIST Because They Do This One Thing…

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez let America know how she really feels about them during a recent podcast interview.

During the interview with Pod Save America, Ocasio-Cortez told the host that she believes that everyone who supports President Trump is racist and they're just too stupid to know it.

Such audacity. She does realize she just insulted over half of the country, doesn't she? She must not care at all. She is quite literally saying most people in America are racist.

The flaw in her sad excuse for logic is that she assumes only white people support the President and ignoring the fact that there are a lot of black people and Hispanics that support him as well. I highly doubt she would say they're racist as well.

Here's what she said:

"First of all, the biggest mistake that we have — and it's a trap that gets set by the Right, whether intentionally or unintentionally — is just the frame of asking, 'Is blank racist?'

It’s not about asking are Trump voters racist. We need to talk about racism, not racists. Racist — it’s a very two-dimensional, boring conversation. Is something racist, yes or no?

We need to talk about racism, its contours, its histories, where it manifests, how it’s used, because like all winning political phenomena, whether good or bad in your opinion, they rely on collation building.

So Trump relied on a coalition, and a core part of that coalition were racists building a collation with all sorts of other people that could be susceptible to racist views if they were blankets and layered and made people feel good about it not being a racist thing.”

So there are a lot of people that support Trump that genuinely don’t believe that they are racist because we do not talk about or educate people on recognizing racism.

And because we do not do that we get caught in this debate of is something racist and then someone uses their defensiveness and they say 'well it's not racist because I'm not racist and I believe this thing because it's economic in nature.'"