AOC Just Got 12 People Fired From Their Jobs, Wait Until You Hear Why They Were Fired

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of those real go-getters when it comes to trying to make a difference in the world. It's too bad that every single idea that runs through her mind and comes out of her mouth is completely idiotic.

It's not enough for her to just keep her ideas to herself or even to say them out loud. She decided to actually try and convince a group of workers to agree with one of her ideas and as a result, 12 solar power workers were fired from their jobs.

The solar power company, Bright Power, fired the entire workforce after AOC convinced the workers to attempt to form a union. Now, instead of permanent employees, they've gone back to hiring subcontractors.

According to Money and Markets,

Back in April, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ludicrous Green New Deal inspired a group of New York City construction workers to unionize, becoming one of the first unions in the solar power industry. It didn’t last long, though.

On Monday, the union’s employer, Bright Power, decided to fire the whole staff and replace them with subcontractors. All this happened while the union was trying to negotiate for their first contract, too.

“We have come to the conclusion that our resources have been spread too thin with so many different kinds of work all being done in-house,” Jeffrey Perlman, Bright Power CEO, said in a company email, according to Vice. “It makes business sense to return to a fully subcontracted solar installation model.”

AOC was upset about the men getting fired and put out a tweet condemning the company for their actions:

Many have told me they think the pro-justice & worker provisions in the Green New Deal are “unnecessary.”

Yet this example is why a just transition is vital. Without it, oil barons turn into energy barons, & workers are hurt all the same.

Bright Power must be held accountable.

I think AOC should be held accountable for planting an idiotic idea in the worker's heads.