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AOC Gets Flustered By Two Powerful Conservative Women

Democratic idiot Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez doesn’t seem to be having such a great week so far. But she’s a bozo, so what can you really expect.

First off, Dana Loesch clearly got under AOC’s skin in a back and forth on social media that ended up silencing the NYC liberal progressive.

Loesch posted a tweet addressing something AOC said on Twitter claiming that she’s upsetting Republicans for connecting the dots between poverty and crime.

We told you earlier this week about the back and forth between AOC and Loesch, but here’s the recap of that one:

I swear it seems like liberals, and especially the radical liberals like AOC, live in a completely different reality than the one we do.

Well, Loesch complete got under her skin because she fired right back,

None of these policing reductions have even *happened yet.*

So a spike is happening WITH a $6 billion dollar NYPD budget.

You either know this & are intentionally lying, or you‘re a bad spokeswoman & haven’t verified your claims.

Given your work with @NRA it’s probably both.

The problem is that they have actually taken place in substance. While their budget may not have been cut at this time, mayors of various cities have already imposed new policies to limit police.

Then, as AOC does, she began to lecture about why she is right and smarter than everyone else. In other words, Loesch isn’t smart enough to understand.

Again, Loesch responded,

So … there is an increase in crime before you cut the budget and you still supporting cutting the budget? Great logic there, Ms. Westchester.

Also, before you reach for a weak reed of ergo decedo, I’m not a spokeswoman for anyone but myself.

But Loesch wasn’t quite finished yet.

Then there was Ivanka Trump who got under AOC’s skin with a can of beans.

Ivanka tweeted a photo of herself holding a can of Goya beans and wrote in Spanish and English, “If it’s Goya, it has to be good.”

AOC and claim that she violated ethics rules because she was “promoting a product.” AOC tweeted in Spanish that the Trump’s are corrupt.

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