Anti-Trump, Open Borders Advocate Killed by Illegal Immigrant, Proving Why We Need A Wall (VIDEO)

Whether someone is for the building of the wall at the Southern U.S./Mexico border or not holds no bearing on whether or not one of the criminals who do cross that border every year will harm or even kill you. This tragic truth played out with Sean Buchanan who was recently killed by an illegal immigrant.

Sean was a man who was anti-Trump and for open borders, yet his support of that position didn't stop one of the very people he wanted here in America from killing him in cold blood.

It truly is a tragedy and I take no pleasure in hearing of the death of anyone. He left behind a wife and 5 children. Being a father myself, I know that I would hate for my children to not have their father around.

Ramirez Valiente was the illegal immigrant who was driving drunk, which his friends say he often does because he is an alcoholic. Valiente then veered into Buchanan's lane and hit him while he was riding his motorcycle.

The Pluralist reported:

A man who criticized President Donald Trump’s immigration policies in the name of progressive Christianity was killed last week by an undocumented immigrant who avoided deportation by hiding in a local “sanctuary church.”

Sean Buchanan, a father of five from Colorado Springs, was driving his motorcycle on Highway 83 when Miguel Ramirez Valiente swerved into his lane and killed him. The immigrant was charged with reckless driving with a revoked license.

Ramirez Valiente received national media coverage in January when he sought sanctuary in All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Buchanan’s hometown. Speaking from the pulpit, he told assembled reporters that he had fled gang violence in El Salvador in 2005. He said he wanted to stay in the United States to care for his wife and three children even though his asylum application was denied…

…When he killed Buchanan, Ramirez Valiente was driving with a suspended license thanks to a 2018 DUI. He was also arrested for reckless endangerment in 2011 and domestic violence in 2016. A district attorney dismissed both charges.

After the crash, a close female acquaintance anonymously told ABC 7 Denver that Ramirez Valiente is “an alcoholic and an abuser.”

Sean Buchanan was a liberal immigration activist.

In the years leading up to his death, Buchanan publicly advocated on behalf of asylum seekers like Ramirez Valiente. On Facebook and Twitter, he shared political commentary rooted in a liberal vision of Christianity in between marketing and business tips.