Another Presidential Candidate Drops Out of the Race After Poor Results and Failed Predictions

Once again another presidential candidate has dropped out of the Presidential race.

The candidate is not one who you would expect. It's Joe Walsh, a Republican who was foolishly challenging President Trump for the Republican nomination.

“I’m suspending my campaign, but our fight against the Cult of Trump is just getting started. I’m committed to doing everything I can to defeat Trump and his enablers this November. I can’t do it alone. Join me at”

If you couldn't tell, Walsh is 100% against President Trump, and it's for that very reason that he has failed to gain any support whatsoever. If he had any sense at all he would know that we support our President and for you to come against him puts you on the same level as the Democrats.

Given the track record of Republicans that we've seen against the President, i.e. John McCain and Mitt Romney, I think it's pretty safe to conclude that Joe Walsh is just another RINO (Republican in Name Only).

“We’ve got a guy in the White House who is unfit, completely unfit to be president. And it stuns me that nobody stepped up. Nobody in the Republican Party has stepped up.”

“I’m running because he’s unfit, somebody needs to step up and there needs to be an alternative,” said Walsh. “The country is sick of this guy’s tantrum, he’s a child…. He lies every time he opens his mouth. Look at what happened this week. The President of the United States is tweeting us into a recession.”

When asked to explain why Republicans stand so strongly behind the president, Walsh said, “Because they’re scared to death. Look, George, this isn’t easy to do. I just sat down with you and said I’m going to run for president. I’m going to challenge this guy. I’m opening up my life to tweets and attacks. Everything I’ve said and tweeted now Trump’s going to go after and his bullies are going to go after.”

“Here’s what I think most of my former colleagues believe: They think Trump’s going to lose in November,” Walsh declared.

As The Daily Wire highlighted Friday, the latest jobs report presents yet more good economic news for Trump as the economy, again, outpaced expectations (formatting adjusted):

In the month of January, 225,000 jobs were added, according to Labor Department figures, far exceeding the Wall Street estimate of 158,000 jobs, CNBC reported. Moreover, according to CNBC, the unemployment rate ticked to 3.6%, “for the right reason as the labor force participation rate increased 0.2 percentage points to 63.4%, matching its highest level since June 2013, according to data released Friday by the Labor Department.” Wages are also on the rise. “Average hourly earnings rose 3.1% over a year ago to $28.44, ahead of estimates for 3% growth,” CNBC noted. “That marked 18 consecutive months of wage gains above 3%, as the initially reported 2.9% for December was revised up to 3%.”

Here's the fact of the matter: President Trump isn't going anywhere. He's going to win once again.

We have a booming economy, we have wins against the left everywhere we look. It's a good time to be alive in the U.S.A.

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