And The Winner For Most Expensive Ex-President For Taxpayers Is…

Once a president's job is finished and he leaves office, taxpayers don't cease getting their hard-earned money taken from them in order to pay their salaries and security costs.

They actually get paid for the rest of their lives. Outside of that though, we still have to pay for a number of expenses carried by each former president of the United States.

Every former president has expenses, but the most expensive of all the living former presidents is none other than Barack Obama himself.

According to The New York Post,

Ex-President Barack Obama will be the costliest former commander-in-chief, with taxpayers shelling out $1,153,000 for his expenses in 2018, according to the Congressional Research Service.

His budget request is more than $100,000 higher than George W. Bush’s for next year and nearly $200,000 more than Bill Clinton’s expected budget.

George H.W. Bush is slated to get $942,000, while Jimmy Carter will get less than half that, at just $456,000, according to a memo prepared by the service.

With the exception of Bill Clinton, the amount has gone up with each proceeding president (no surprise there). Maybe his costs will go down a bit since he won't be flying out to Epstein's mansion anymore and spending money on underage girls.

The Washington Times also reports,

While most ex-presidents since Truman have found ways to make their life beyond the Oval Office financially rewarding, the taxpayer-funded perks have remained — and Mr. Obama is the latest to take them.

By far the biggest cost for ex-presidents is renting office space. Mr. Obama’s office — 8,198 square feet in D.C. — will cost taxpayers $536,000 next year, the most of any ex-president. Mr. Clinton’s New York office is bigger, at 8,300 square feet, but slightly cheaper at $518,000. The younger Mr. Bush’s office in Dallas is $497,000, while his father’s space in Houston is $286,000. Mr. Carter’s Atlanta office is just $115,000.

Why they need such a huge office space is beyond my understanding. Sure they have speaking engagements and various events to attend, but does it really justify 8,000 square feet of office space? My home isn't a quarter of the size of that and I can't even imagine needing the entire house plus 3 more to get my "work" done, even if I were a former president.