Air Force Veteran Confronts Joe Biden "Blood is on Your Hands!", Biden Turn His Back on Him

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While doing a campaign stop in Oakland, Joe Biden was approached by an Air Force veteran who wanted to ask him a serious question about why veterans should vote for him.

The man started by asking Biden why they should vote for him given his history on wars, but then it turned into a shouting match.

The man said, "I’m an Air Force veteran and I’m here with an Army veteran. Why should we vote for someone who voted for a war that killed thousands of our brothers and sisters and countless Iraqi civilians? You enabled that war. You also gave a medal to the man who caused that war. Their blood is on your hands as well. You are disqualified, sir. My friends are dead because of your policies."

According to Fox News,

During his campaign, Biden has promised to the American electorate, once more, to end "forever wars" — a notable hallmark of President Trump's 2016 campaign. However, progressive critics of the 76-year-old candidate cast Biden as someone who enabled a more hawkish foreign policy establishment.

Biden's support for the 2003 invasion of Iraq under Bush's administration hampered his brief 2007 presidential campaign. More than 4,500 Americans and over 200,000 Iraqi citizens have died in the Iraq war since March 2003.

Biden, the Super Tuesday victor, responded to Thurman's accusations by referencing his son, Beau, who was deployed to Iraq in 2008 and died of cancer in 2015, saying: "It matters a lot to me."

Thurman affirmed to Biden that he was not going after his son, at which point Biden turned and was escorted away.

When it comes to the war in Iraq, I personally don't know to this day exactly how I feel about it.

Are we better off now than we were before the war? Was the war necessary? Would the Middle East have been better to remain under Saddam Hussein?

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