5 Young Men Make Elderly Veteran Cry By Repeatedly Disturbing Him During His Meal

Lou Zezoff was minding his own business when something he didn't expect happened while he and his wife Annette were having lunch at Cracker Barrel in Granite City, Illinois one afternoon. What would happen that day would actually leave the man in tears.

Mr. Zezoff is a Vietnam veteran who is proud to wear his hat with "U.S. Navy Vietnam Vet" embroidered on the hat. He makes a practice of wearing the hat anytime he goes out.

On this particular day, his hat caught the attention of a small group of young men that were sitting nearby in the restaurant.

As Mr. Zezoff and his wife were enjoying their meal, one man from the group approached their table. The veteran stood up as the man approached detecting that the man and his friends appeared to be servicemen due to their haircuts.

He had no idea what was about to happen, but then the young man reached for his hand for a handshake and thanked Lou for his service to the country.

But it didn't stop there. The remaining men, came up one by one to thank him for his service as well. Then at the end of the meal when Mr. Zezoff asked the waitress for his check, he learned that it had already been paid by the young men who had just thanked him for his service. On the receipt was written "Semper Fi" and "Oorah".

According to The Veterans Site,

Vietnam veterans are not used to this. Most of us did not publicly identify ourselves as veterans because of the political atmosphere that existed in the country when we came home. It was only after the post 9/11 veterans began coming home to warm receptions that Vietnam veterans began to wear the “gear” identifying them as veterans.

When we Vietnam veterans are acknowledged and thanked for our service, it has a special sweetness to it for us. In this video, you will see and hear this “special sweetness” as this US Navy Vietnam veteran tells of the honor and respect shown to him so generously by a group of young, active duty Marines at a restaurant. This is why we love those who have served. This is an unbreakable brotherhood.